This is a list of some people that play with the Keep and what their areas of interests are. If you are interested in having yourself added to the list please email the webmistress, with your info!

Lady Eleanora of Rosewycke The Honorable Lady Juliana Stafford
Pan Henryk Bogusz Lady Lassairfhiona Inghean Ui Ghallchobhair (Rena the Unpronounceable)
  Oda Yukimoura   Lord Allen of Rusted Woodlands
Lady Fenris McGill The Honorable Lady Svana in Kyrra
The Honorable Lady Moniczka Elzbietka Poznanska Lady Gilliane McGill de Verona
Lady Gwenhwyvar Morwyn  

Lady Felice de Thornton (Felice of York)

      Lord Jasper Longshanks


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